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simply fruit & seeds muesli

We believe that life really is too short to settle for second best, and that simple, honest pleasures are often the most rewarding. We take delicious things and add some more delicious things, then we mix them up a bit. We try lots of recipes; the ones everyone here likes, we make. Some things in life just bring a big old smile to your face, like walking barefoot across a lawn, chancing upon a bluebell wood, nabbing the last Yorkshire pudding, or starting the day with a bowl of our Simply Fruit and Seeds Muesli. Simple, but then the best things in life usually are.


Oats, barley flakes, wheat flakes, toasted and malted wheat flakes (wheat, barley malt extract), Chilean flame raisins (11%), dates (9%), pumpkin seeds (7%), sunflower seeds (5%), toasted and malted oat flakes (oats, barley malt extract).

allergy advice

Contains gluten, wheat, barley, oats. May contain traces of nuts.

good to know

:-) No added salt
:-) No added sugar
:-) High in fibre
:-) Low in sodium
:-) Suitable for vegetarians
:-) No added preservatives
:-) Contains naturally occurring sugars
:-) Contains wholegrains

handy to know

:-) Raisins were first brought to Europe by knights in the 11th century who developed a taste for them during the crusades
:-) The pumpkin isn’t in fact a vegetable but a squash; it counts among its relatives: cucumbers, gherkins and melons.

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nutritional information

dorset cereals and guideline daily amounts

GDAs are based upon and are consistent with the latest published scientific data on dietary requirements. Breakfast should provide 20% of your overall daily allowance.

For further information, visit the British Nutrition Foundation, Food Standards Agency website or IGD.

Click here for frequently asked questions about Dorset Cereals and nutrition.