To create our delicious granola, we use honey from our friends at Rowse who have started a countrywide campaign to save the honey bee, which is in alarming decline.

You see, it’s not just a matter of running out of honey. Honey bees help pollinate all kinds of crops: apples, carrots, onions, mustard, cabbages, almonds… the list goes on and on. So, if they die out, the results will be catastrophic for all of us.

Here are a few tips given by our friends at Rowse to show how you can help save the honey bee...

 SAVE OUR HONEY BEE 5 ways you can help

Bee friendly
Make your garden bee-friendly by using a range of plants that flower all season. Native plants are four times more attractive to native bees and are a variety of heights, shapes and colours, which encourages a healthy diversity of bee species. Native bees are particularly attracted to blue, purple, violet, white and yellow blooms. Plant your flowers in clumps and leave the blooms on for as long as possible so that the bees can get the most out of each flower.

Bee chemical-free

If you use pesticides, take the time to choose insect-specific ones. Better still, encourage ‘beneficial insects’ into your garden, which will naturally ward off pests without affecting local bee populations.

Bee-come a beekeeper

Release your inner apiarist! With the right kit and the right knowledge, a hive can be a great way to encourage local populations. Even the smallest space in the middle of the city can provide a safe haven for the struggling honey bee. Visit the British Beekeepers’ Association for more details.

Bee a teacher
Pass on your knowledge so that future generations appreciate the honey bee and enjoy the best honey! For fun ways to teach kids about the honey bee, visit

Bee supportive
Keep bees employed by buying their honey! Supporting the honey bee in this way will make sure that the people who know them best – the beekeepers – can continue their vital research into how to increase honey bee populations.

Also, have you seen our Edible Playgrounds website

We’re encouraging every school in the UK to have a veggie garden so that all children can learn where food comes from and how to cook what they grow. Our Edible Playgrounds website is packed full of tips to help kick-start your own veggie garden as well as competitions to win lots of great things.

Plus we have some great downloadable activity sheets all about bees – from wordsearches and science projects to music and dance projects – it’ll keep you busy for hours.

> click here to download our bee activity sheet