Easter granola crispy cakes
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Easter granola crispy cakes

serves: 6


Add the chocolate to a glass bowl. Melt over a pan filled with a little water on a low heat. Stir a couple of times until melted.

Remove glass bowl from the heat. Stir in the dorset cereals Simply Oat granola until fully coated.

Add 6 cake cakes to a muffin pan. Using a muffin pan will help the granola crispy cakes keep their shape as they cool. Spoon mixture into cases.

Decorate with mini eggs. Place in the fridge until set.

Enjoy straight from the fridge for a hard crispy cake or allow to come to room temperature to allow them to melt a touch to make them softer.


  • 180g milk chocolate (2 bars), broken into chunks
  • 140g (1 cup) – dorset cereals Simply Oat granola
  • Mini eggs to serve