breakfast on the slow

At dorset cereals we believe that you deserve a calm morning moment. A moment to press pause and savour a bowl of something delicious. A moment to breathe deeply and take the first step into a better day.

We call it Breakfast on the Slow, and we’d love you to join us.

Over the past year Breakfast on the Slow has become more important to us than ever before, and we’ve taken huge comfort in our morning routine. As the pace of life starts to quicken again, you’ve told us that taking time to slow down with an indulgent breakfast is something you want to keep.

Breakfast on the Slow is all about savouring the simple pleasures – opening the windows and noticing the fresh air, listening to a playlist of songs that make you smile, awakening your body with light stretches, or tasting every mouthful of your dorset cereals muesli or granola without distractions, it’s all about having a moment just for you.

Why not give it a go and see how you feel?

breakfast on the slow

The Breakfast on the Slow challenge

On the 26th April we’re excited to be launching our Breakfast on the Slow challenge. For four weeks we’ll be asking you to try starting your morning at a slower pace to help you discover the benefits.

On our social media channels, we’ll be sharing plenty of delicious breakfast bowl inspiration, easy to follow hints and tips, and lots of encouragement too.

We’d love you to join us!

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Are you feeling inspired to join us for Breakfast on the Slow? Why not head over to our recipe page to discover some of our favourite ways to enjoy our dorset cereals muesli and granola.